Peace Pipe for US Gamblers

America has been known for sometime now for its dislike of smoking and smokers. Today there has been an announcement that a second Vegas strip casino is being sued for second hand smoke. As a result, casinos now conform to US law and do not allow smoking as of the 1st of October.

However, many gamblers find the idea of placing their bets and not being able to smoke is horrific! Not really surprising when you consider how much money people spend and how stretched their nerves get. 

It is natural that a smoker would want to fall back on their trusty nicotine fix while the wheels spin or the cards are dealt! This new ban has put a stop to this but smokers are fighting back and with surprising support from certain casinos. 

The Crow Indian Reservation has found itself in a unique position. As Indian reservations are considered sovereign governments and separate from US state laws, they do not need to comply with this new smoking ban. This could be a huge bonus to reservation casinos all over the USA. As casinos on the main strips are struggling with the financial downturn it seems they may also start to suffer as the gambler and habitual smoker decides that he cannot do one without the other. 

One casino visitor says “You’d go crazy playing these machines if you couldn’t smoke, if I’m gambling, I’m smoking. It’s easier on the nerves.” 

It is highly unlikely that the tribal governments on these reservations will opt to follow the US legislation on this one; there is just too much opportunity to increase their casino popularity by allowing smoking!

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