Guest blog part 8: David La Ronde, EPO 2009 winner

Heads up

No deals, that’s what’s ringing in my head. No deals. I call the wife “Honey what do you think?” She says “Deal”. I say “Trust me” and say “No deal” I’ve come this far and I’m not going to be a coward now. Tureniec asks for a deal, I say “No way”. I have a 2 to 1 chip lead.

I decide that I don’t want to get into pots with Michael without a hand and I can afford to be patient. So I fold a few hands that I would normally raise with on the button. He is very weary, but I know he has to make a move at some time. I look down and I have A7h, now this was the hand that I lost heads up in the GUKPT last year to Sam Trickett. Still, I guess I was cold and calculating so it did not faze me. Michael raised from the button. I decided that if I made the pot big enough he might shove light. So I raised it to 150k making 220k in the pot 35% of his stack, He couldn’t help himself and he instantly shoved. I made the move, so I made the call knowing if he got lucky I was still in the hunt. He flips K10 and I’m praying to the poker Gods “come on one last time”. The flop was 2 4 5, turn 8, river 7. I’m the new English Poker Open Champion! I feel exhausted as if all my energy went into that last hand and now I am at peace, I’d done it. It was mine. I am a poker player, a good one on my day.

I remember a quote I heard:

“It is only when we are tested that we find out what we are capable of. And it’s only when we are re -tested that we find out what we could be capable of”.

So at last I feel vindicated, my hard work has paid off, and on my day I can play the best and beat them, and let’s hope my day happens often. Maybe I’ve tamed the beast inside that says go on, gamble, you can hit it.

David La Ronde

Winner of the English Poker Open 2009

English Poker Open

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