Jeffrey Pollack Resigns!

It was a bit of a shock this week when after four years, Jeffrey Pollack resigned from the World Series of Poker as Commissioner. He made a statement that he was seeking new challenges. This has left many scratching their heads as the World Series of Poker is just about to hold the biggest event in its history.  

The WSOP poker tournament began in 1970 and has been gaining popularity over the years. There has been quite a surge in the past 5 years in the number of people wanting to compete and in 2006 there were 8,773 participants in the main event. Hurrah’s Interactive are now the owners of WSOP. 

Pollack left on 13 November and only had great things to say about Hurrah Interactive, the owners of World Series of Poker. Pollack has worked hard to increase the tournament’s popularity and has done so with great success. The tournament has grown each year and had a record 60,875 entrants this year.

It seems to many that the reasons behind the leaving of the legend is due to a change in direction for the company. Pollack has always been clear about how he feels about the World Series of Poker. Pollack believes that the success of the WSOP is not determined based upon the number of participants every year, but rather upon the players’ experiences.

So the question is what is to happen with the World Series of Poker now that Pollack has left. He certainly has left it in a state of great health. Some have been criticizing the owners for being more focused on the profit than the game, but then again they are a business and that is what is expected of them. Many are sounding warnings that Pollack has seen that the World Series of poker is no longer about fun and the game, it is more about the number of players and the profit. We are hoping that this is not the case and that the games will continue to be the same high standard as before.

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