What Happens in Vegas… or France!

The hit 2008 film starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher may have been a good watch but most of us laughed off the possibility of this ever happening. Well it seems the impossible has actually happened in France! 

Straight out of the movie script, two warring friends are in a court battle over who should have over $3 million in winnings from a slot machine! In March this year Marie-Hélène Jarguel placed $70 equivalent into a slot machine in France. With her was her male friend Francis Sune who she considered her lucky charm and accompanied her often when she played the slots. 

The pair were enjoying the night out and Miss Jarguel put the money into the machine and Mr Sune then pressed the button. Then the unbelievable happened. They hit the jackpot of over $3 million! It was all joy and celebration at the free cash, and left Miss Jaruel with the cheque.

However one week later a lawyer that had been hired by Mr Sune, who is insisting that half of the money should be his, contacted her. 

The case is now in court and the judge is going to have to make a decision on who should have the money. Both parties are convinced that they are right! One says that without Miss Jarguel supplying the money there would never have been a win. The counter argument is that without Mr Sune Miss Jarguel would not have been at the casino and so would not have won! 

It’s a difficult call in our eyes, but we will have to wait till December to hear the outcome of this unique case. Hollywood may have to draw up a sequel to the blockbuster based on the outcome!

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