Casinos are fighting off the Flu

As Flu season is on us again and people panic regarding the health scares concerning dangerous bugs. Casinos are trying to fight back against the bugs by adding appropriate protection measures to keep their players fighting fit. Although a bit of gambling fever in the casino is always a good thing (or at least the casinos think so!), they don’t want their gamblers getting into a sweat with bugs and sneezes. Iowa casinos are taking the threat to business and health extremely seriously.

Ameristar Casino workers now all carry a bottle of hand sanitizer that is used throughout their shift to sterilize their hands and keep their chips and cards clean. The flu virus is passed on very easily through bad hand hygiene as it can live for hours on warm skin and also for some time on plastic chips. By using the sanitizer, the casino hopes to keep the spread of flu germs to a minimum. Riverside Casino is also at war with the germs and has staff out wiping and cleaning every one of their 1228 slot machines three times every day!

Wild Rose Casino has staff on full flu alert and have been cleaning and disinfecting every possible surface that could contain the germs. Casinos are taking the risk to health so seriously that it is as common now to see hand sanitizer stations, as it is to see change stations. It really is not surprising the length that they are going to in Iowa as their 17 casinos had 23 million customers last year and a total revenue that was in the region of $1.4 billion. Gamblers are heading the advice of frequent hand washing as a preventative to spreading or catching the flu.

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