Vegas White Christmas?

It is not often that Vegas has its breath taken away. Sin city has seen it all, but a snow storm in Vegas will always be a rare occurrence and one that has the residents of the city with their jaws open! As flakes of snow are lit up by the bright neon-lit colors, there is a hush that falls over the city.

Snow is not unheard of but it is unusual and certainly brings with it an air of excitement that it may snow and give them a truly white Christmas. Further up in Nevada, snow at this time of year is fairly commonplace but it still manages to catch many residents off guard. Some areas have even had as much as 18 inches fall in just a few days. Police are now warning tourists and visitors as well as locals to take care when driving on the roads outside of Vegas as they could well encounter snow and icy patches that are dangerous for driving.

Tourists are sure to get some great pictures of the strip covered in a blanket of the white stuff and the well known palm trees looking decidedly chilly! The area does get snow in the winter months, but usually it is just in the much higher altitudes of the Nevada region. At the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, it couldn’t come at a better time. “The snow plows are running, the shovels are out, and all of our crew is busy getting ready for what will be a busy weekend,” says Craig Baldwin, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. “A good snow storm now will likely mean good crowds as we approach the holidays,” they told us.

Anything that draws the crowds back to Vegas and the tables will be welcomed at the moment as casinos still struggle against the onslaught of the recession. The last big snow storm was last year when a big flurry fell in December 2008, much to the surprise and excitement of visitors.

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