Christmas Lottery Surprises

We read about them all the time and wonder what it would be like to see the ticket in your hand match up with the lottery numbers on the television. The screaming, celebration and disbelief! We all have a little scenario in our heads of what it must be like when our numbers come in. Two lucky winners this week had a slightly different scenario play out for them. Two separate winners on different continents both turned up at stores and handed over their winning tickets only to find out that they had won the big jackpot.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this scenario has never been played before in my fantasies. I do believe that the shock would strike me silent. At least as you are waiting for the numbers to be drawn you are kind of prepared in a bizarre way to win, that’s why we all feel a little disappointed when our numbers don’t come in. I think somewhere in there we really do think that this night is going to be our night. Imagine saying to your partner ‘I’m just popping to the shop for milk’ and walking back into the house $1 million richer.

Of course, you can have this feeling in a small way every day, when you get rakeback from your online poker game. It’s good to get something back even when you lose and helps you keep a smile on your face.

And talking of smiles, big ones, a lottery winner in Wichita, USA, had this happen this week as he had been carrying around a jackpot ticket for THREE WEEKS not knowing that it was a winner. The only reason he actually realized he had won was because he was clearing the glove box of the car! He told lottery officials that he thought he “was going to have a coronary” when he learned he had the single ticket that matched all the numbers for the 14 November Super Kansas Cash drawing. Yup, I think that is pretty much how I would feel as well. The winning ticket was worth $1.22 million dollars.

Then we came across a second story. This time it was a winner in Australia and the prize was no measly million. It was for $40 million dollars, the third biggest jackpot in Oz history. The winner casually handed over his ticket to be checked at an agency just before lunch and was shocked to be told he was a high winner. As he stood there, a bit bemused, the news came back of what the ticket was actually worth. It was the festive spirit that he thanked for the win “I was buying some Christmas cards last Thursday and decided to pick up a ticket as I saw it was a big $40 million draw.”

Both of the winners have decided to remain anonymous but one thing is for certain, they are going to have a very merry Christmas! So there you are at your local 7-11 checking your ticket when you realize you’re a winner. It may not be how I would imagine finding out about my big lottery win but I guess I could let that dream go for a winning ticket worth a couple of million dollars…

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