Galaxy Macau Resort to open 2011

Macau has been hitting the headlines a lot recently as it seems to be totally recession-proof! The Asian Vegas has been doing a lot better than its USA original as it has suffered little in the economic downturn. To add to the success of the area, Galaxy Entertainment Group has announced that its flagship casino resort will be opening in the first quarter of 2011. The project had been put on hold previously as accountants and shareholders watched the markets with baited breath. But Macau has proved itself to be a goose that continues to keep laying golden eggs.

Macau seems to have survived where others have struggled due to the support from the Chinese government. Macau is the only Chinese location that legally allows gambling. The government has also supported the region during the times of crisis by making visas for tourist more obtainable for gamblers wanting to spend some time and money in the resort. The Beijing and Macau governments are expected to continue their support for the region as it is an election year and the area is just too valuable to lose.

Galaxy is expected to invest $1.81 billion dollars in the building and launching of its flagship casino and hotel. The casino resort is to be 55,000 square feet just off the Macau peninsular and will have 600 gaming tables, hotel rooms numbering near 2200, as well as villa and suite complexes. Galaxy is not the only one to see the potential in the Asian casino market as the Sands group are considering re-launching their project build on hotel and casino complexes. It is clear that the Chinese government have taken the right course of action to protect businesses in Macau and have encouraged growth in a time of crisis and are sure to continue to do so to encourage investment.

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