Status Update – We’ve Won Millions!

The Facebook revolution has changed a lot of things about how we keep in touch and contact people. Status updates are used all the time to keep people informed on what’s going on in their lives and other important information.

For instance, you can check up on what’s happening with your favourite online poker rooms and even the latest rakeback promotions by following them on facebook and twitter.

Now just imagine that you are signing onto your Facebook page and you see an update that tells you that you have just won the lottery! That is exactly what happened to staff of Servisair at Heathrow Airport.

The 23 person syndicate had been playing the lottery for some time and it was the organizer Paul Cotter that had the enviable delight of letting everyone know that they had just won 2.6 million pounds. As soon as he had the ticket checked, and rechecked, he updated his status on Facebook to say “We’ve won £2,625,215 on the Lotto. This is not a joke. Please call me, anyone who is in the syndicate, as soon as possible.”

The 23 players each collect a fantastic Christmas bonus of 100,900 pounds each. Strangely enough, the twists of this story are not just about the unique way in which Mr Paul Cotter chose to inform the winners! We also have to add to the story a slightly spooky aspect. Mr Cotter from Denham Middlesex had seen a palm reader while on holiday in the USA several years earlier and had told him that he would win a large amount of money in the month of December. They also told him that it would arrive in his bank account on a Tuesday, all off which actually happened! Paul must have been subconsciously thinking about that prediction as he actually had four shares in the syndicate, so has taken home a whopping 400,000 pounds. 

One of the syndicate winners was a bit late in collecting as she did not believe the update. Monica, 27, said she slammed her laptop shut when she read the message, assuming it was a joke. Mr Cotter regularly used Facebook to alert the monthly syndicate of any wins, although the most they had previously won was £40!

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