Euro Lottery Jackpot Claimed

Two tickets in the UK have won the mammoth euro lottery jackpot recently. The two tickets are the biggest wins to ever be made in the UK. The two sets of winners have been confirmed by the Euro lottery. The winners are a lottery syndicate in Liverpool and a couple in South Wales. Both sets of winners have interesting stories to tell and are keen to share!

The syndicate consists of seven lucky call center winners who work for Hewlett Packard. No solemn words of keeping their jobs and investing the money from this group, the first thing they all did was hand in their notice! The Magnificent Seven as they have been nicknamed will each collect 6.5 million pounds. The youngest of the winners is just 19 years old and plans to return to University, as she could not afford it before. There are plans for big shopping trips for the winners with cars, houses and holidays to appear for these lucky winners.

The second set of winners is an unemployed mechanic and his wife from South Wales. Mr Les Scadding is lucky to be alive as he was diagnosed with cancer several years ago that he overcame. This win has only made life even sweeter for him and his wife as they take home over 45 million pounds. Les jokingly said that he believes that it was the lottery dream that kept him going. Every time he spoke to his daughter on the phone, she would ask him if he had won the lottery yet. He had always been convinced that he was going to win. Well Les finally gets to shout a loud and resounding YES to his daughter’s question. We wish Les and his wife and the Magnificent Seven warm congrats on their win!

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