Reports of Losses Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

We have all heard about the losses that casinos have been suffering due to the economic downturn. The news has been filled with tales of woe for giant operators who have had near empty slot floors. Everyone knows that as people cut back in spending that usually the first things to go are luxuries like holidays and gambling. But it seems that, just like in Macau, the casinos seem to be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel where business is concerned.

News is coming in from Sands casino in south Bethlehem that they have had their best week ever! Machines in the casino have taken in the region of $70 million dollars. The casino goers seem to love those slots as they pumped the machines full of cash. The previous record week was at a high of $69 million according to Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The casino had been taking some innovative approaches to draw in customers and the surge in spending is attributed to Sands giving away $1.8 million in free money to play for the membership holders of their casino. This is the biggest amount ever given by a single casino, and it seems to certainly done the trick in bringing back the customers.

Even with the giveaway Sands $4.12 million in gross terminal. This means that they take all the money that is in the machines after the winners have been paid. As a result of the promotion, wagers in the region of $60 million were taken. Pennsylvania seems to be doing well in state tax as just in the last week its casino took $526 million of which $13 million went to the US government.

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