World Series of Poker Won by Joe Cada

Joe Cada proved that you don’t need to hold a degree to win at poker. At the age of 21 and a university drop out, many would have said the Joe had a long way to go before earning his first million dollars! However, he has proved that you don’t need to spend 4 years studying to play, and win, at poker. He is the youngest player in history to win this tournament. The World Series of Poker reached its climax with him winning with a pre-flop. It was Cada’s first time attempt at the tournament and it is a game he will never ever forget. When discussing his final hand play he said “I was kind of too scared to look so I just had my back turned, hoping it would work out for the best.”

Cada has been playing poker with friends since he was very young and he was waiting and wishing the years by so that he would turn 21 and be able to compete. As the championship is in the USA, the age restriction was set at 21 as the minimum age to compete. The tournament had him competing against 6500 people and it was quite normal for players to sit down and play 12-hour sessions in a single stretch. The entire tournament lasted ten days.

Cada certainly had quite the ride during his ten days of play. The roller coaster that was his play had him with the most chips of any player at the beginning and by the 8th day he was getting so low that he was worried he may have been about to be knocked out. He managed to battle his way back however. It seems that cards run in the family, as Cada’s mother is a blackjack dealer in Detroit. As a casino dealer, she was concerned that her son may be heading down a difficult path having seen the ups and downs that poker players go through, but she stood by him all through the tournament and was there to celebrate with him as he took the title.

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