PartyPoker’s Cash Machine is back with a New Year booster bonus

From 00.00 ET on January 4th 2010 until 23.59 on the 31st January, PartyPoker’s Cash Machine is back and still without limits. So what are you waiting for? Convert your PartyPoints into real money!

Earn at least 10 points on a minimum of 10 days during the promotion period. After 31 January PartyPoker will review your 10 highest earning point days and match the number of points on the lowest of those days. For every point you will receive a cash reward of $1.

There are up to 28 qualifying days and the cash machine bonus is only limited by the number of points earned: if a player’s lowest day’s points total is 1,000 points, gives you $1,000. The minimum payout from this very special ATM is $10.

Should a player not meet the minimum points requirement (but has accumulated at least 1 point per day on 10 days during the promotion), they will instead be entered into the $25,000 Cash Machine freeroll, which takes place at 15.00ET on Wednesday 3rd February 2009.

For more information on the Cash Machine Booster Bonus visit:

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