Purchase Error Creates Millionaire!

One stressed out shopper hit the jackpot at a supermarket in the UK last month. We all have those days where we head down to the store to get in the week’s shopping, but we are a bit distracted and decide to lighten our day with a little lottery flutter. Nothing can be more annoying on one of these stressful days than being in a queue and asking for something and the checkout girl making a mistake. You know the routine; you notice the error and can envision the chaos that is about to occur if you say something. The checkout will have to close, the manager called for the dispute and then waits around as they fill in a refund. For one shopper this prospect was too much for her to cope with on her busy morning so she decided to ignore the error.

It was good luck she did too! Audrey White requested a scratch card that cost £2 and instead was given a £5 card and charged £5. Ms White decided that she would just accept that she got a different card than the one she wanted and carried on. When she scratched the card and discovered it was a million pound winner! Ms White was thanking her lucky stars that she decided just to accept fate and did not return the card for a refund of her £5. Ms White is a mother of three and works as an assistant manager in a Bingo Hall in Felixstowe and didn’t have the heart to argue the error and instead just paid for the £5 card. The winnings will make quite a difference to the White family and means no more mortgages and a new conservatory! Just goes to show that you should trust fate when it hands you a lucky break!

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