Ladies Poker Championship Winner is a Man?

One has to question how much Mr Greg Sessler will be bragging about his poker win this weekend considering that he has walked away with the championship title of the ladies poker championship! The Lake Tahoe casino Harvey’s held a series of circuit events related to the World Series of Poker. The championship was running with a buy-in of $300 and 96 contestants. What makes this even more bizarre is that Mr Sessler wasn’t even the only man to enter; there were four male entrants to the games!

This is definitely a strange turn of events in our book so we decided to investigate a bit further and have uncovered a bit of a web of intrigue regarding fair play and sexism. It seems that the World Series of Poker cannot and does not hold matches that are discriminatory according to sex. Although the match is called the women’s tournament there is nothing to stop a man from entering. The tournament is actually so named in an effort to encourage more female players, not to disallow male players.

The World Series of Poker has been quick to clarify its position on this strange result by press release. “While the WSOP makes a sincere effort to promote women in poker and offers quasi-exclusive tournaments designed to increase female participation in the game, officials generally do not turn away those who want to play in the event, based solely on gender.”

Mr Sessler is adamant that the fact he was playing a predominantly female table did not influence his decision to enter the game. “If Jennifer Harman would have come and played in the ladies event, she would have been much tougher competition than me. I came here because I only had one day, and I really like the structures and the payout (of the women’s event). This was the only tournament I could play.”

That maybe the case Mr Sessler, but how are you going to explain your newly acquired title of Ladies Championship Poker Champion to the rest of your poker pals!

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