Are you ready for the world’s fastest online poker game?

Check out Rush Poker*, it’s the most intense, high speed poker game, exclusively from Full Tilt.

A major innovation in online poker, Rush Poker* allows you to play rapidly, and being part of a large player pool ensures you face different players in every hand.

As soon as you fold you are rushed to a new table for your next hand, keeping you constantly in action and removing wait time between hands, whilst taking your bankroll with you.

If you want to play an even faster game you can use the Quick Fold button to move immediately to another table, even if the action hasn’t yet reached you. Rush Poker* enables you to play hundreds of hands an hour as there’s no need to wait for the final outcome of a hand before starting a new one.

With all the benefits of multi-tabling but staying at one table from the Full Tilt poker game lobby, Rush Poker* delivers an action packed, high octane experience.

Experience the buzz at Full Tilt for yourself.

 Learn more about Rush Poker* by watching the Rush Poker* Video Tutorial

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