Deadwood Celebrates 20 Years of gambling

The city of Deadwood has seen its twentieth anniversary role round last November the 1st. Has it really been twenty years since the town legalised gambling? The city back in 1989 was at the mercy of a recession and the town had high unemployment and was in need of funds. In a bid to change what seemed like a futile situation, local law was changed to allow gambling in the city. No one could really have forecast the dramatic effect the change had on the town over the next 20 years!

The city began to see casinos opening and the property values started climbing. The city’s reputation as a Wild West town in the past worked to its favour and attracted a theme to the city. Television spurred on the popularity with the winning series Deadwood running for three seasons. Pretty soon, the city was buzzing again with tourists and the clink of coins in slot machines and on the tables.

Today the area has over 3500 slot machines and licenses for 100 card tables. There are still restrictions to gambling such as the maximum bet being $100 on a table but that doesn’t deter from the towns popularity. The improvements that have come with the casinos have meant that money could be spent on infrastructure restoration and development. The millions of dollars that has been brought into the town by the casino industry have been put to good use and Deadwood recently claimed the title of America’s Prettiest Town by Forbes Magazine!

With all the press that casinos are getting of late, it is good to see that a town is celebrating the success that has come with the legalisation of gambling within the town limits. With continual development of the entertainment facilities and live venues in Deadwood, it looks to stay a popular casino location for years to come.

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