Underage and Self-Exclusion Fines Issued

While the argument between the gambler and the casino over who owes who money rages in the Supreme Court, it seems that there are other casinos that are facing issues with the self-exiled ban that gamblers are enforcing. In the Supreme Court Ms Klephart is accusing a casino of abusing her addiction to gambling to better their profit and as such feels she should not pay them the money she owes. Sounds far-fetched? Well there are some grounds in what Ms Klephart is saying.

The self-exile option has been part of several programs arranged between casinos and gambling action groups. It is also now a matter of law that people can request to be exiled from a casino. What generally happens is that a person will recognise that they have a gambling problem. They then join a state addiction program that will advise them to contact casinos in the area and request that they be placed on a banned list. This means that it becomes the casino’s responsibility not to allow the customer into the casino.

While we can understand the underage fines, we do find it difficult to comprehend the self-exile fines. Two casinos in Iowa have been fined substantial amounts, one for underage gambling and one for self-exiled gambling. While kids will be kids and a casino should be careful to exclude youngsters getting in and gambling illegally, it is hard to be as sympathetic to the fine for self exiled gamblers! The problem is that addicts do find ways around the problem and if you are old enough, then you can enter a casino with moderately little to disguise yourself. Is it really the job of the casino security and staff to act as a nanny to these legal aged gamblers? The court case continues and it will be interesting to see the outcome and how it will affect casino protocol.

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