666 The number of the BEaST rakeback payout

Yep, we’ve now paid out over $66 million dollars in rakeback to our online poker players. To celebrate this milestone we’re inviting players to join us on the dark side for a devilishly good freeroll tournament on Sunday 6 February. Enter at www.raketherake.com/ft. The top 6 players will each win $66 paid into their Full Tilt account.

666 became a symbol for Satan as far back as the Book of Revelation in the Bible and there are loads of mathematical theories surrounding its relevance as the Devil’s own digits. Using the digits as numerical code has ‘proven’ various candidates to be the Antichrist over the years. Some of the more recent include Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler and Prince Charles!

Even the incumbent Pope has been shortlisted based on addition of the Roman numerals for the Pope’s seat (Vicarius Filii Dei), which naturally totals 666.

Instead of hunting down the Antichrist, enjoy our special 666 freeroll and ensure you have a great rakeback deal in place.

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