Slot Machine pays out $400k

Everybody loves it when something pays out, be it rakeback from your online poker game, or a slot machine. You love it even more when it’s a progressive. Imagine how happy you would be if your progressive slot machine jackpot was at $400k and it came in! For Tracy Shepard of Edgewood in Maryland USA, her Friday night flutter will be one that she remembers for the rest of her life when she spun the wheels on her slot machine and hit the jackpot! The Delaware casino was the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Delaware and this jackpot is chalking up to be the third highest in casino history.

Tracy was playing the Wheel of Fortune Megajackpots slot machine on Friday when the momentous line came in. She says she was quite bemused when the machine started beeping and flashing at her and it didn’t quite sink in at first how much she had just won. The total jackpot that was in the progressive machine was $410,835. For those not in the know, a progressive jackpot is a slot machine where the total is carried forward with every spin and the total jackpot grows over time. The machines can also be interlinked between casinos so that several machines are all playing for the one jackpot. This means that the total pot will climb faster with more machines.

Casino Analyst Steve Shwartz was not surprised at the total of the win and in fact says that we are going to see more and more of wins like these appearing around the US and the rest of the world. “These types of jackpots are going to become more commonplace with the expansion of casinos throughout the US,” he says, “The new casinos are going to have slots that are linked and it will create more action and more jackpot hits.”

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