Millionaires celebrate Lotto Anniversary

The UK saw a meeting that celebrated the 15th anniversary of the lottery this last week and what a turn out it had. With winners only invited, it had an amassed wealth in the room of over 400 million pounds. There were 197 winners in total that attended the celebration. Imagine the number of people attending if it had been an event for poker players getting rakeback! The champagne flowed as they all reminisced on how they felt about the highs and lows of winning. Most people imaging that the moment they discover that they have a winning ticket is pretty amazing and one winner chatted about her experience.

Marion Richardson discovered she has won 16 million pounds in 2004 and went into a complete state of panic, as she didn’t know how to keep her ticket safe until three day’s time when she could claim the prize. In a moment of panic and desperation, she considered stuffing the ticket into her underpants for the next 3 days in order to keep it ‘close’ until it could be checked!

Another female winner discussed how her win had caused some controversy as she celebrated her windfall by paying for breast enlargements for herself and her female relatives! Some of the stories were just plain bizarre. How about being lucky not once, but twice! One winner bought his ticket and forgot that he had it and bought it again just in case, so he had two winning tickets! They finished with two shares of a jackpot that was split into potions of 479,000 UK pounds!

For some there was a bit of lament with the win. Sarah of Whitney Bay talked of how she left college and now is a bit lonely after all her friends graduated. Mark Gardiner, the winner of the biggest UK jackpot has seen his fair share of heartache after the huge win with a string of failed romances. Ironically, he has found happiness now through reuniting with his first wife. Mark says, “Anyone who says it isn’t going to change them is either wrong or lying. Of course it’s going to change your life, hopefully for the better.”

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