Vegas on Road to Recovery?

2009 will be a year that many casino operators on the Vegas strip will want to forget. Although online poker players have found it a great year for rakeback deals. It was to be expected that the global financial downturn would have a knock on effect on Las Vegas but no one really expected the drop in visitors that resulted. Everything has been blamed for the drop in takings, from the Vegas lavish reputation to the legislation in the USA. Now however there are a few hushed whispers that there may be a few signs of recovery showing up. No one seems to want to say it too loudly in case they scare it away!

The CityCenter development has been hailed as the biggest gamble ever taken in Vegas and with a price tag of $8.5 billion dollars for construction, it will be a heavy loss if it doesn’t pay off. The option of scaling back the project was not on the cards and the opening of the resort area will begin on the 1st of December. The big night will be December the 16th when Aria opens. Aria is the showpiece of the resort with 4004 rooms and 16 restaurants and a huge list of decadent features that are just too many to list. The question is how will the opening month go and will the CityCenter act as an elixir for the ailing turnover of the strip?

Many people are calling the new venture a breath of fresh air and have very positive encouragement for the project. They hope that the draw of the new resort will bring back customers and boost the economy of the area. Others with a less glowing outlook have said that the glut of rooms will simply force the rental rates down even further. Many eyes will be watching the birth pains of this new resort and hoping for the best, and that it signifies a turnaround to recent months of disappointment!

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