How Many Poker Hands?

If you thought that you were a big player of online poker, then think again. Most people would fall out of their chair at the thought of playing 40,000 poker hands IN ONE DAY! But there is one man that has now set a new record that will surely take some beating! A Russian player known by the handle ‘innerpsy’ has clocked up a staggering 40,000 games in just 18 and a half hours. Imagine the rakeback that he must be generating aside from any winnings! I hope he’s got a great rakeback deal in place…

Online poker is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe as they offer easy access to poker tables and at very low cost with some games just 1 cent to play. Online poker first appeared in the late 1990s and grew steadily until the real explosion that has taken place in the last few years. I don’t think that at any point, however, did anyone foresee one player managing 40,000 hands in just 18.5 hours!

The attempt at the record was hosted by and Card Game Masters, which is a Russian forum for poker players. The record attempt was a big draw for curious watchers as almost 10,000 people logged on to see the live video streams. Innerpsy sat down to play at 8.30am Moscow time and stopped playing 18 hours and 33 minutes later. He had completed 40,088 games. “Before this challenge, I had never actually played more than 20,000 hands in a day before but the idea came up and I just figured I could do it,” the player was quoted by “It was one of the toughest things I have ever accomplished but I am proud I managed it.”

The player has actually only been playing for a couple of years and has every intention of working hard at improving his record. He may have competition though as a player known as joeingram1 has contacted the Pokerstars network to tell them that they intend to complete 50,000 hands in 24 hours. They will broadcast the event by webcam so that fans can follow their progress and the attempt to break the record again! They have said they will attempt the record playing no limit Hold’em or pot limit Omaha tables.

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