NBA star must pay debts

Antoine Walker, who is famous for his play with the Boston Celtics, will be finding his wallet a little lighter of late. If only he had been getting cash back on his game. A judge has ordered that the basketball star pay back his debt of over $900 thousand US dollars to three casinos. The star must pay back the debt at a rate of $12,600 a month to the Vegas casinos and also a casino that is located on Lake Tahoe. This will take a fair bite out of the NBA players wallet and should he regain employment then the payments will increase to $21,391 dollars a month.

It really is quite the norm to see these famous sports stars and film stars playing the big money tables in casinos. So it did not start any alarm bells ringing when Antoine Walker ran up a whopping debt to the house in several casinos in the USA. He then paid the debt with checks that were worth nothing due to him not having the funds. Walker was then prosecuted under the charge of passing bad checks with the intent to defraud.

The District attorney agreed to allow Walker to repay the debt through a payment plan, but they have been quite clear that they will not stand for nonpayment of any sort. Attorney Andress-Tobiasson has been very clear about the consequences if he does not pay. She said if the former Boston Celtic player misses a single monthly payment, she will transfer his case to the more stringent District Court “so fast it will make his head spin.” If Walker honors the debt and repays it in full then the case will be closed and the records can be sealed. It seems that Walker is a little down on his luck having to pay in this installment plan way. One wonders what he did with his earnings through his NBA success. His 12 year career is thought to have earned him in the region of $100 million! That certainly is a lot of money for him to have blown during his career! He certainly does want to pay it off and keep the state happy as prosecution could lead to the star spending up to four years in prison for check fraud.

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