CityCenter Opens and Elvis Arrives!

The much talked about CityCenter in Vegas is opening up bit by bit this last week. The possible white elephant has seen much in the way of criticism as well as praise. Built at a cost of $8.5 billion dollars and opening at possibly one of the worst times in Vegas’ financial history, many have said it will be the saving of the city while others claim it will destroy it.

The project hails itself as one of the great urban places of the world and hopes to embrace the best of luxury living in the world today. It certainly is quite a sight in the city as the lights from surrounding buildings bounce off the mirrored windows.

The Vdara Hotel and Spa has opened this week, which is a section of the CityCenter project. It is a massive 57 story resort that has 1495 suites for guests. The Vdara is actually a health resort that is non smoking and non gaming, which is certainly unusual in the location of central Vegas!

After the Vdara opening came Crystals, a shopping center to end all shopping centers, with its 50,000 square feet designed to satisfy every consumer impulse imaginable.

The latest part of the project to open is the 47 floor Mandarin hotel that provides another 392 rooms for guests. Many say that the 67 acre project is visionary and will bring a turnabout to Vegas’ popularity with its fresh new style and design. From the doomsayers, there are calls of over expansion and too many rooms appearing in the strip all at once that will drive down prices.

Whatever the opinions are about the project, these have all been put aside for the opening days and celebrations. This much anticipated event sees the return of the Elvis Presley Show to the ARIA Resort. The show will be done by the famed Cirque du Soleil team and will be a mixture of music, dance and acrobatics. Certainly the show will sell out for some time in advance, so if you are planning a trip to Vegas, then the CityCenter and Elvis show should most definitely be on your schedule!

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