Weird Easter celebrations

By far the oddest tradition at Easter seems to be one from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, where custom dictates the whipping or spanking of women on Easter Monday. Before the spanking can get underway the men folk douse their women in water and then take up handmade whips made of willow and decorated with ribbons. Allegedly this ritual is symbolic and used to retain female health and beauty into the following year. Interesting.

Despite being a firm favourite in the US, the good old Easter bunny has found no favour in Australia where they prefer to popularise the Bilby, a native marsupial. The rabbit seems to have been rejected there due to its destruction of crops and land.

And if you’re a man in Poland at Easter time, ensure you don’t dare to try and help make the traditional Easter bread. Custom here has it that your moustache will turn grey and the dough will fail to rise.

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