Top Poker Stories of the last Decade

As we come to the end of 2009 and approach a new decade, we thought it would be nice to look back at some of the big news events in poker over the last ten years. Ah the Noughties… It certainly has been an eventful one. Let’s look at some of the big events in the last decade.

First off has to be the rise of the poker room. With the internet changing in leaps and bounds, the quality of poker rooms has improved alongside it. And the emergence of rakeback as a regular return on online poker play has benefitted millions of players. But we are not just talking about the online rooms. In the decades previous to this one, poker rooms had been replaced by the ever-popular slots as they were a bigger money maker for the casino. Now we are seeing more and more casinos making it a priority to reopen their private rooms. We say YAY!

The SuperUser scandal is one that will remain as a dark time for many online users this decade. The problem nearly destroyed online games! The online poker rooms were infiltrated and programs cracked that allowed those in the know to see their opponents’ hole cards, and so enabling them to win every hand. This hit the headlines and cost players millions in the noughties.

The poker explosion in popularity this decade has been phenomenal. Not only have we seen more and more players online and newbies trying their skills in every day games, we are also seeing all new talent in the professional arena. New blood has arrived and they are hungry, as we have seen them spit out the older more established players and walk away with the big titles!

There is no way we could look at the past decade and then fail to mention one of the all time biggies. The UIGEA – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This law has created havoc in the USA and resulted in online casinos being shut down or having to move. Americans now find that they are not allowed to play online. Many are still fighting to get this overturned and with the economy so bad it is in the country’s interests to generate some income, so we are hopeful!

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