Robin Hood in Vegas!

Not the Robin Hood of Nottingham, England. And not the Robin Hood of poker rakeback. But Robin Hood in Sin City! It’s not really the place that you would expect to find a real life Robin Hood, but an anonymous individual has changed lives with his generous donations in the past year or so. The Las Vegas Blackjack Player began a campaign to reward kindly families that had fallen on hard times. Going by the name of ‘Robin Hood 702’ (702 is the area code for Las Vegas) they set out to win money from wealthy casinos and then pass those winnings on to a family in need. A website was created and people were asked to submit their information if they wanted to be considered for selection.

The website was inundated with people who had been going through tough times. The only stipulation to be seriously considered for the financial help was that you had verifiable debt between $25,000 and $50,000 dollars. After reading and reviewing thousands of emails from families, the mysterious benefactor chose one family that had run up a large hospital bill while getting treatment for their daughter’s cancer. They also selected a second family. He then gave away a total of $55,000 between the families. The modern day Robin Hood then also treated the families to an all expenses paid trip to Vegas.

To add to the uniqueness of this story, the blackjack player has funded all the games he plays himself. He apparently did approach casinos for assistance in funding the plan but was turned away. He has chosen to stay completely anonymous and wants none of the trappings of fame. “I’ve been blessed. I have some guardian angels up there. I’m very spiritual and God knows what I’m doing, what I’m trying to do, and he’s gonna be there sittin’ at the table with me”.

He has also been adamant that he uses no cheating in his games and denies card counting or any other strategies to win. Our modern day Robin simply relies on luck. Even more amazing is that he has promised to pay half of the recipient’s debt regardless of whatever occurred at the blackjack tables!

It has reached the time now where Robin must start finding a new family to help and his website has been receiving a massive 300 applicants a day. Not content with just helping one or two families he has made this campaign a life mission and says he wants to “create a movement where other people are touched by this effort… Stockbrokers, futures traders, doctors, lawyers… Whatever their more fortunate niche in life is. I want them to be touched and say ‘you know what, I want to make a difference too'”.

At a time of economic hardship and restraint with money, it is nice to hear a story of such unselfish giving. It really is a rarity for the Vegas strip that is usually the paragon of greed and excess to inspire the gift of giving, but our modern day Robin Hood does just this.

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