Poker Tournaments Hero Winner

The long awaited PokerStars Final has taken place and the winner certainly earned every cent of his winnings, although it was a tough choice on who to root for. On the one hand, we had the poker playing priest that was going to donate all his winnings to the church in order to build a new roof. On the other hand we had a severely injured 9/11 veteran policeman who had been unable to work ever since his heroic efforts to rescue people trapped in the towers on that fateful.

Father Andrew Trapp was playing on behalf of his parish, as the bill for a new roof was 1.5 million dollars. Already 100,000 dollars closer to their target with Father Trapp’s first round winnings, the final held the potential to pay most of the new roof costs. In the first round, he relied on a bit of divine help to win the prize. “I pulled out my rosary, kind of joking around, but I was like ‘I need some divine intervention,'” Trapp recalled after finding himself playing in the challenge’s final hand of poker. He had hoped that the same prayer would help him in the big final for the $1 million dollar prize. Unfortunately, for the church it seemed that the big guy upstairs was smiling down on someone else that evening, a retired New York Police detective Mike Kosowsk.

It would be hard to imagine how the prize could be more deserved than for Father Trapp, but we think that it certainly comes close with Mike Kosowsk. Back in September 2001, Detective Kosowsk was on scene when the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. He rushed into the buildings to help rescue those trapped inside and suffered serious injury. His injuries included three herniated discs in his neck and two herniated discs in back after he found himself under the collapsing South tower.

With no thought to the pain he was in, he was able to escape into the nearby World Financial Center, where he assisted a few others to safety. He says it was undoubtedly the worst day of his life. He was awarded the Medal of Valor for his heroic efforts to save members of the public and the forces.

Unfortunately, the toll of his injuries was felt and a few years later he was forced to take early retirement. Being house bound due to the pain in his back, Mike took to learning poker to distract himself. After seeing an advert for the tournament, he decided to try for a place and it proved to be the best decision he ever made. A nail biting final resulted in him winning the jackpot of $1 million dollars. As well as taking care of his family, Mike plans to set up a fund to help children of the parents who lost their lives in 9/11 to attend college and also to give to CityHarvest, which helps in feeding the homeless.

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