8-year-old battles Online Gaming Giant! for $500,000 winnings

The case against 8 year old Aashish Nanak from Chandigarh who won 22,912,500.38 Indian Rupees, (that’s a life changing $500,000 dollars!) playing an online poker game, started today in New Delhi.

Lawyers acting for the Nanak family are battling to secure the money that would allow the family of twelve to move out of their slum dwelling into a new home and a new life.

Aashish’s mother Mrs Nanak said “Aash has always loved the internet and computers he started his own web pages when he was only four years old, he is a very clever boy” Aashish has been playing online poker since he was six, but had been using computers since age three. He was introduced to the internet when his mother who cleans at a local hotel, had sat him in front of a cartoon playing on a computer screen to keep him quiet.

The hotel owners had noticed the boy accessing the internet but had thought nothing of it, they had even begun to ask the boys advice on how to advertise the hotel. Many hotel customers told press that the youngster was making enough money through a series of affiliate programs to pay his families rent. The Lawyers for the gambling website that cannot be named for legal reasons say that legally they do not have to pay out the winnings, as Aashish is under age and are accusing him of entered false details.

Aashish Nanak with a keyboard he found when he was 5

Aashish Nanak with a keyboard he found when he was 5

The Nanak’s lawyers are arguing that the registration details belong to Aahish’s uncle and that at no time was it stated that Aashish could not play in the games. They are also arguing that he had previously been paid smaller winnings into a legitimate online paypal account set-up for him by his uncle and that administration staff had confirmed that this was in fact within their guidelines.

They are also arguing that the boy was asked on several occasions on the poker forum if he was underage by website staff, who thought the age of the boy was amazing and had nicknamed him littlepokerwizard. When asked what kind of difference the money would make to the family, their lawyer said “Considering that the average wage in India is around 79,735.50 a year that is $1,740, the Nanak’s would be very well off indeed” The case continues

Raketherake we are not sure if this is true or not, so we will see if it pans out and follow the story up





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