Lets keep the Two Fat Ladies

Bingo players are up in arms after a bingo hall in the UK decided to get rid of the fun catch phrase ‘two fat ladies’ for the number eighty eight. Players are outraged as the managers of the hall decided that they might be upsetting people with the phrase.

Two Fat Ladies has been the traditional name for the number eighty-eight and has been used for several decades around the UK and the world. It was initially chosen as the numbers do resemble two fat ladies. The Hall was seemingly quite surprised when Sudbury Council in Suffolk contacted them with the request to ban the phrase from being used. The reason given was that it might cause offence to overweight players.

Let’s hope none of poker’s favourite phrases are called in to question. It would be terribly dull to lose terms like ‘the flop’ and ‘the nuts’!

The Ex-mayor John Sayer, who received the instructions to stop the phrase being used, was very surprised at the decision as it has been a phrase that has been used in the hall for years without any complaints. OnlineBingoClub manager Rob Hutchinson has expressed concern that this kind of restrictions may become more common as the UK conforms to EU restrictions and that many of our beloved bingo phrases could be outlawed for fear of causing upset.

Bingo players at the hall have launched a campaign to save the caller phrases and have submitted a petition to the council with over three thousand signatures. Rob said, “The call of ‘two fat ladies’ in bingo is part of our heritage. What’s the alternative – ‘two generously proportioned people of either gender’?”

Chrissie Maher, founder of the Plain English Campaign, said, “It shouldn’t be necessary to mess about with parts of our heritage like bingo slang.”The Plain English Campaign aims to prevent everyday language being altered due to unusual legislation and overly pc activists. Locals have now made it their priority to get back their two fat ladies and stop any of their other beloved phrases from being made unusable. It certainly would be a shame to see such a traditional element of the game being lost to political correctness.

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