‘What Happens in Vegas’ Jackpot Split

Last year we reported on the real life ‘What Happens in Vegas’ couple that had fallen out over a jackpot slot machine win in France. The issue has now been settled by a judge that has ruled that the two ex-friends share the winnings.

The situation was practically a mirror image of the Hollywood movie starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in which a fighting couple win the Vegas jackpot and ownership of the winnings is called into question. It was one evening in March 2009 that Marie-Hélène Jarguel and her friend Francis Sune decided to visit the casino. Ms Jarguel had the money and brought along Mr Sune for luck. She put the 50 Euro bet into the machine and Mr Sune then pushed the button. It was on their 13th try that they hit the jackpot and won a massive 2.174 million Euros.

After the celebrations were over in which Ms Jarguel accepted the check from the casino as she had paid for the bet. Casino rules also stipulate that a bet can only be made by one person. After a few days, Mr Sune realized that Ms Jarguel was not going to share the winnings and filed a court case against her.

Lawyers argued on the two friends behalf. One claimed that it was not the man pushing the button that was the factor to winning as it was the machine that decides the win. They also argued that Ms Jarguel took all the risk as she funded the outing. On the other hand, Mr Sune argued that she would not have played without him and that she promised to reward him. “On the Monday she phoned to tell me she’d give me something, but on the Friday she no longer knew me. I was her four-leaf clover, now she’s treating me like a sheep to be fleeced.”

Judges in Montpellier ruled that the quarrelling gamblers should split the winnings, with Miss Jarguel taking 80 per cent of the total and Mr Sune the remaining 20 per cent.

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