Armed Robbers steal EPT Berlin Money

Apparently there aren’t enough rakeback deals going around in online poker so people are resorting to robbing live poker tournaments to make money.  Four armed gunmen stormed the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, Germany the other weekend in pursuit of the €1.36 million prize pool that was up for grabs in the European Poker Tour Berlin tournament.

The robbers broke up the €5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event as they ran into the ballroom.  At least one of the men had a gun and another was holding a machete when they interrupted one of Europe’s biggest live poker tournaments.  When they entered the Grand Hyatt’s ballroom, players took off running towards the exits in a desperate attempt to avoid the robbers.  In their haste to escape, the players tipped over tables and chairs, which left some people with bruises and scrapes.

Luckily, those were the only injuries during the incident and no security guards were seriously injured either despite briefly scuffling with the gunmen.  There’s no word on whether the robbers have any idea how to play poker, but they did manage to grab a large share of the prize pool when they reportedly made off with over €250,000 of the Main Event money. 

As of now, Berlin police are still looking for suspects and the only lead they have is that a security camera caught one of the criminals with their mask off – but from behind.  Berlin’s police chief Reiner Wendt says that the organizers of the EPT event are at fault for not hiring enough security guards for the event. 

In any case, this scary incident might force many of the 1,000 players in attendance to stay at home and play online poker for a while.  Some of the players were so shaken by the incident that they were given back their €5,000 buy-in.

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