Tiger Woods – wine, women… and casinos?

The media has been filled with all the dirty little secrets that Mr Woods would have liked to have kept under wraps, and it seems that gambling is another to add to the growing list. The golf pro did have a somewhat clean cut image up until a few months ago, and it has since descended into a bit of a shambles for the PGA star.

Tiger Woods really came into the spotlight with his record breaking win in the 1997 Masters Golf Tournament. He has been named Athlete of the Decade and has drawn the largest TV audiences in golf history. His marriage to Elin Nordegren started looking a bit wobbly as of November this year when the National Enquirer newspaper claimed to have information about Tiger Woods having an affair. As the story began to blossom, more supposed mistresses of the star came forward and soon Mr Woods could see he was in hot water. Now it seems that his vice was not just women, he also had a penchant for gambling.

The mistress count is now in double figures and stories are coming out regarding many of the affairs being at popular Vegas casino venues. It seems that Woods enjoyed big wagers and had been known to place $25,000 bets on a single hand of Blackjack. He also has a $1 million credit allowance with the MGM Grand. His partners at the tables were fellow sporting celebrities Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. It is not known how much money Mr Woods spent, but one mistress claims that they would often spend all night at the tables.

In a previous biography, Woods talks about how he first began gambling at a young age and was a frequent player on riverboat casinos. It seems like the taste for the high life of gambling and women was too much for Tiger Woods to resist and now is suffering for his indiscretions, as the media is showing no mercy in revealing all.

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