Tom Dwan shows how to make $230,000 in 9 Minutes

For the average poker player, making $230,000 would take months (or even years) of winning sessions and collecting rakeback.  But Full Tilt Poker pro Tom Dwan recently showed how quickly $230,000 can be made when you’re a high stakes online poker player.

Dwan’s big score came when he met fellow high stakes player Patrik Antonius for a quick session.  And this was the true definition of a quick session since the pair only played for a total of 9 minutes.  The two played 61 poker hands in their heads-up contest, which was enough time for Dwan to take $230,710 from Antonius.  One of the pots in the 9 minute session reached $184,234 after some heavy betting action from both players; as you might have guessed, Dwan came out the winner in this exchange.

With the $230k he made in their most recent session, Tom Dwan moved closer to winning the much-publicized “Poker Challenge that the two pros are playing.  He is currently up over $2 million in the contest as of now.

The Poker Challenge is set to last for 50,000 poker hands, and Antonius and Dwan have managed to play 33,303 hands of the challenge so far.  Patrik Antonius has fallen behind as of late, but there are almost 17,000 hands left to be played so it’s still anyone’s game.  Don’t expect Antonius to give up either since he has an extra $500,000 riding on the outcome of the challenge.  

But no matter how the challenge ends, you can be rest assured that both players will have made plenty of money in rakeback when everything is said and done.  Many of the pots that Dwan and Antonius are playing for are worth well over $10,000, and Full Tilt offers a 27% rakeback deal so the two are no doubt profiting from their high-profile contest

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