HeadsUp Entertainment wants to buy Canadian Poker Tour

HeadsUp Entertainment already owns two of the biggest forms of Canadian poker entertainment in the Canadian Poker Player Television Network and Canadian Poker Player Magazine.  However, HeadsUp is trying to reach past their Canadian audience and into the US online poker player market.  Because of this, HeadsUp Entertainment has decided to try and make a bid to purchase the Canadian Poker Tour.

HeadsUp Entertainment chief officer Kelly Kellner expanded on the reasoning behind trying to buy the CPT by saying, “Over the next 12 months, we will manage more than 550 casino-based events in Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and our Poker Super Cruise, which will attract some of the best poker players in North America. As a result of our relationships with the casinos, some of them exclusive, the online poker companies are realizing that our market reach allows them to market their platforms to players in North America.”

So the primary motivation for HeadsUp Entertainment’s expansion is because they want to be one of the most attractive options for Internet poker companies when it comes time to look for advertising.  In fact, Kellner kind of sounds like he hopes to take over the world with his company (at least as far as online poker goes).

This was apparent when he said, “For competitive reasons, the online poker company [the Canadian Poker Tour] wishes to go unnamed at this time. As the online poker market becomes more competitive, our brand name and our market become more and more valuable. As a result of these negotiations, the numbers here can get very large, very quickly.”

The CPT may not be at the stature of the WSOP* or the World Poker Tour yet, but it is a fast rising organization and could definitely help HeadsUp reach more Americans who like to play poker and are looking for poker rooms where they can collect lots of rakeback.  Early estimates suggest that HeadsUp Entertainment could be advertising to around 40 million US players if their purchase of the CPT is successful.

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