Massive Jackpot Winner in Kentucky

We all dream of scooping a big win, and for one holder of a ticket that was bought in Georgetown Kentucky, the dream is about to come true. The winner has not yet come forward, but when they do, they will be holding a lottery ticket that is worth a massive $128.6 million dollars.

The ticket was bought at a gasoline service station at around about 10 pm on the Saturday night before the draw. The winner has 180 days in which to come forward with the ticket and claim the prize. Many people have been theorizing what could be holding the winner back from presenting the ticket and claiming their big win.

As there has been more than 48 hours since the winning numbers were drawn many think that it is possible that the winner has misplaced the ticket. It is also possible that the ticket was a gift and so is sitting in a card somewhere. The gas station is located next to a highway so some people think it may have been bought by someone who was just passing through the state and has not heard the news.

Given the long time in waiting for the ticket holder, the lottery are giving advice to players that when they buy a ticket they should always sign their name on the back as soon as they buy it. Other advice is being given also, like keep the win quiet so you are not inundated with people asking for money. Also one financial advisor says to take the money in installments as people who win and take the money in one go have a history of blowing the cash! If you were out in Georgetown recently on a Saturday night and bought a ticket then check the numbers, the winning ones are 32 – 36 – 37 – 41 – 53, and the Powerball is 30.

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