EPT Berlin Robbers thrown in Jail

As if there weren’t already enough players moving to online poker and looking to collect rakeback money, the EPT Berlin incident where four armed gunmen stormed the Grand Hyatt Berlin and took over $250,000 of the prize money forced a whole lot more player into Internet poker.  Luckily though, live poker tournament players can feel a little safer now since police have arrested suspects that are connected with the crime.

Berlin police say they have the mastermind behind the crime and he is a 28 year-old Lebanese man.  A spokesperson for the police department said, “According to the current state of our investigation, the suspect is thought to have been the organizer.  He also drove the getaway car.”  The getaway car was reported to be a fancy Mercedes that the robbers drove off in after legging it through a local shopping mall. 

The first suspect that police were able to arrest in the heist was simply named “Mohammed B”, and was supposedly the brains behind the robbery.  Eventually, police were able to extract enough information from the suspect so they could arrest the other three people involved in the robbery.  Ahmad el-Awayti, Mustafa Ucarkus, and Jihad Khaled Chetwie were all arrested thus bringing together all four suspects.

In the wake of the robbery, American poker player Kevin MacPhee was able to concentrate and still play his poker hands well enough to win the EPT Berlin event.  MacPhee took the largest share of the prize pool at €1 million and also earned an appearance on the CBS Early Show.  On the show, MacPhee talked about his experience during the whole ordeal and how he was able to remain composed.

Following the EPT Berlin incident, security is extra tight at the EPT Snowfest event in Austria.  Apparently the heightened security has made people feel more safe since 546 people bought into the event.

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