Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jerry Buss is a Poker Pro

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss has never been one for playing online poker and collecting rakeback money. After all, it’s not like he plays poker for the money since Buss is worth an estimated $380 million. Nevertheless, Buss does love to player poker games and he can often be found at card rooms and casinos in the Los Angeles area. Buss’ love of poker has grown so much that he has now made the decision to become a professional player.

When asked why he would want to become a poker pro despite already being filthy rich Jerry Buss said, “The competition. I can’t think of too many things I can do as easily as that and be competitive at my age. Whether I can earn a living at it is questionable. But I do play in the World Series of Poker* all the time.”

What’s really interesting about Buss is that he is choosing to become a poker pro at the age of 77. This is the same age as Doyle Brunson who is at a point where his career is winding down. Even still, Buss definitely has a passion for the game as he proved when he skipped out on the LA Lakers NBA Championship parade in downtown Los Angeles so that he could play in a poker tournament at the Bicycle Casino.

Buss certainly isn’t someone who needs to learn how to play poker since he has been playing for years. And while he has only won $155,338 over his career, Dr. Buss did finish 3rd in a 1991 WSOP* Seven Card Stud event. He has also appeared on major poker television shows like NBC’s Poker After Dark and GSN’s High Stakes Poker. Plus, Buss will never have to worry about being backed financially by anyone with his $380 million.

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