Good Samaritan Help for Casino Winner

It seems like the holiday spirit filled everyone with joy and hope and some stories you come across really seem to reflect that. At a time when everyone felt the pinch with shopping and bills for the festive season, not to mention the massive amount of pressure that people continue to face from the sluggish economy, we still see acts of honesty and generosity. In Las Vegas there is the unbelievable modern day Robin Hood who is changing the lives for a special needy few. In New Jersey, we have seen another heartwarming story of generosity and honesty.

After a fun filled trip to Atlantic City, resident A J Vivian from New Jersey was happy to be returning home with a wallet full of cash. Much to his dismay he was horrified to find that he had managed to lose his wallet somewhere along his journey home. Fearing the worse, he did not expect to see the wallet or money again so wrote off his casino winnings.

Then out of the blue, he was contacted by a person from Morris County who had not only found his wallet with his cards and ID, but also all his cash! The kindly individual was a recycling collector and found the wallet near its owner’s home and decided to embrace the spirit of the season and return it to its rightful home.

Needless to say, Vivian was shocked and delighted when he got his wallet back and could not hide his joy. He described the honest individual as ‘the greatest human being in the world’. That may be stretching it a bit, but we certainly think that the person has a good and kind heart and could not bear to think of the wallet’s owner having a sad Christmas. Certainly an act of kindness and generosity that is deserving of some seasonal magic!

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