WSOP* to have ‘All Star Game’

Taking after sports leagues like the NBA and NFL, the World Series of Poker* has decided to host their very own All Star Game.  The decision to hold an All Star game was made last week when the WSOP* announced that it would hold a free poker tournament for 27 of the best (most popular) players in the world. 

Most of the players who participate in the game will be voted in by the fans via the Internet and other ballots.  The poker tournament will run from June 27th to July 4th and it will offer a $1 million prize pool, which is really good for a freeroll. 

WSOP* spokesman Seth Palansky talked about the All Star game and said, “There’s really never been a way to gauge what poker fans want.  We think that this format is going to be a great way to do that.”  He went on to mention that over 170,000 people have already voted from the WSOP*’s various poker sites.

Of course, the whole notion of fans voting for who will get to play in the tournament when they’re taking a break from earning rakeback is controversial to say the least.  Last year fans were allowed to vote online for the Poker Hall of Fame nominees, which is supposed to follow a certain criteria.  Internet poker sensation Tom Dwan ended up being one of the people selected even though he’s only 24 and hasn’t accomplished anything near what the rest of the nominees had (he was eventually the only person dropped from the list before the final vote).

Since fans will be voting for who makes the All Star game, the players themselves have been heavily campaigning to get into the game.  Norwegian pro Annette Obrestad has been using Twitter heavily sending messages out to her fans urging them to vote for her.  1983 WSOP* champ Tom Schneider has taken more of an online poker approach by sending out emails to his fans requesting their votes.  Fans have up until June to cast their votes.

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