Jeff Madsen Moves to Israel for Prop Bet

Jeff Madsen already makes enough money as a Full Tilt Poker pro, which earns him lots of extra cash through the 27% rakeback deals they offer.  However, Madsen is never one to turn down a nice chunk of extra money and he recently proved this by taking up a prop bet to move to Israel.

The prop bet is from a very rich holdem poker player (known only as Manny B). And Manny B apparently makes enough money to where he can offer Madsen $50,000 to live in Israel from April 15th to the start of the WSOP* on May 28th.  An extra $50k and the chance to take down a unique prop bet was enough for Madsen to accept the deal.  He let all his fans know about the prop bet through Twitter by saying, “Just accepted a sick prop bet: I have to move to Israel until the World Series, no outside contact with friends, no cell phone, etc. 50k bet.”

Madsen has plenty of experience with prop bets since he made another crazy one at the LA Poker Classic.  While at the poker tournament, Madsen bet Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok that the first person out would have to get the other two players’ faces tattooed on their body.  In addition to this, the second person would have to get the winner’s face tattooed on them.

Luckily for Madsen, he utilized enough poker strategy to avoid being the first person out of the tourney (this honor belonged to Sebok).  But in the end, he couldn’t outlast Gavin Smith as he was the second person to bust out, which meant he has to get Gavin Smith’s face tattooed on himself.

Now it appears as if Madsen will be spending a lonely month and a half in Israel where all he’ll have for entertainment is play poker games.

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