Are You the Next Masked Master?

Word has it that the mysterious masked Swedish poker player, who has also turned out to be a real game master, might finally be revealing his identity soon. The masked player has stated that he will take Tony G up on his offer to meet him at the PartyPoker Big Game IV event. This potential unveiling of the masked master will only add to the event’s popularity that always attracts thousands of poker players of varying skill levels. The online masked master has been making noise in the poker scene since last October and is guaranteed to draw some heavy crowds.

The PartyPoker Big Game IV will be held from the 11th-13th of April in London at the Les Ambassadeurs Club. In addition to the unnamed player and Tony G, many other professional card sharks will also be in attendance including Luke Schwartz, Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak and Isaac Haxton. The famous Mayfair London district will be graced with some of the best poker talents playing today.

The masked player, known only as “Isildur1” came virtually out of nowhere and jumped into some high stakes matches against some of the world’s best players on the famous website. Eventually, Brian Townsend had had enough and teemed up with Brian Hastings and Cole South to bring the newcomer back to reality, but not before he had clearly made a name for himself by taking millions from Tom “Durr” Dawn.

So, if a virtual nobody can create a name for themselves in the online poker world, why can’t you? Or maybe YOU are Isildur1 and you already have!

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