Poker Officially Named a Sport in Lithuania

There’s been a lot of flirtation with the concept of making poker an official sport.  People have even went as far as to say that online poker could one day wind up in the Olympics (this might be a stretch).  Getting back to reality, it does appear clear that some countries do look at poker as more than just a game.  Lithuania recently proved this when they officially declared poker a sport in their country. 

This past weekend, the Lithuanian Department of Physical Education and Sports recently recognized that the Lithuanian Sports Poker Federation is a legitimate organization.  And while it’s cool that Lithuania would go as far as to acknowledge poker as a sport, it’s even more important because the country can now hold lots of tournaments outside of the casino setting.  Going even further, Lithuanians will now be free to play poker whenever and wherever they want to. 

Since poker is now an official sport in Lithuania, there are sure to be lots of residents who will be trying to learn how to play poker.  There are also sure to be plenty of new players in Internet poker who will be wanting to cash in on the great rakeback deals offered.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Lithuanian poker since there will no doubt be an increased interest in the game.  Lithuanian Sports Poker Federation president Andrius Tapinas is excited about what the future holds as he said, “This is an extremely important step in our work.  We are receiving congratulations from many of our colleagues abroad and I know that we are breaking thick ice with our progress for similar international initiatives.” 

Hopefully, the decision by Lithuania will start a trend in other nations that don’t even want their residents thinking about playing online poker.

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