Looking for a new challenge and competition?

Former athletes and thrill seekers have a tough time finding a substitute that will fulfill their competitive spirits. For instance Jerry Buss was a former athlete and fierce competitor. He wasn’t good enough at any sport to turn pro. So he saved up money and bought a NBA team, the LA Lakers, to satisfy his competitive spirit. After winning 9 world championships he no longer has anything else to prove or accomplish as an owner.

Now he is 77 years old and has given control of the organization to his son and daughter. What he now does in his free time is play poker. Why does he do it? He loves the competition. He says it’s because there isn’t much else he can do at his age for competition.

Online poker can give you the adrenaline rush and the competition you are seeking. Check out one of the biggest rakeback sites to take advantage of mind-boggling promotions that are being offered at various poker sites.   

Internet poker can be played anywhere at any age. So if you are like Jerry and are feeling too lazy to drive over to casino then simply pull out your computer and sign in and play some poker from the comforts of your home. 

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