Millionaire Poker Player Quits

Michael McDonald is one of the best poker players in the world….or at least was one of the best.  McDonald’s career is seemingly at an end after he announced through his blog that he will no longer be playing live or online poker anymore. 

In the blog, McDonald stated that he knew few people outside of the players he had met through Internet poker or at live poker tournaments.  McDonald wrote the following in his blog, “I think in all honesty I should be a fairly interesting person given the amount of time, resources, experience and opportunities I have but to someone outside of the poker world I appear quite one-dimensional and although I think I am definitely appreciated once I get to know people, getting to know people is often tough since my world is so different from their world.

McDonald continued his rant by writing, “This leads to tons of people in the poker world having literally 0 non-poker friends but I don’t aspire to one day be completely engrossed in the poker world and after watching the “busto to robusto” movies and looking at the lives of older players it got me thinking about my future.”

Michael McDonald is perhaps best known for being the youngest person ever to win a European Poker Tour event.  At age 18, the Canadian holdem poker player won the EPT German Open and earned €933,600 after his big win.  As of right now, his total live winnings equal over $2,200,000. 

In addition to his live exploits, McDonald is also well know for being a Full Tilt Poker red pro.  He was not only one of the best players on the site, but he also earned tons of money in rakeback cash.  Now, after seemingly retiring from poker, McDonald plans to work towards a degree and meet other people outside of the poker world.

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