ESPN Ranks Top 10 Players

People argue all of the time over who the best poker players are in both live and online poker. Unfortunately, there are few places that attempt to settle this argument outside of say a few rogue Internet poker websites. Luckily, there is now a legitimate source to settle these arguments since the professionals at are releasing a monthly list of the top 10 poker players in the world.

Whether these people are live players or strictly Internet grinders who like to sit back and collect rakeback money, they could be featured on the list. What’s interesting about this top 10 list titled “The Nuts” is that it’s not simply a compilation of the top 10 best players alive today, but rather a list of who’s hot and who’s not.

One interesting thing about the rankings is that Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey has managed to stay on top of the rankings ever since they were first released. Another nice feature of the rankings is that the players mentioned aren’t just household names who’ve won the most money, but rather those who are truly good at the game right now. Take the number two player from the month of March in Jason Mercier; he hasn’t been on the live scene for long, but has been playing better than anyone as of late which is why he’s number two (even Mercier admits he shouldn’t be ahead of Ivey though).

You also have to appreciate how quickly players can rise and fall in these rankings as Tom Dwan has proved. Dwan doesn’t play in many poker tournaments, but his excellent play in online cash games moved him from 8th place to 3rd on The Nuts rankings. Contrast this to Patrik Antonius who fell from 2nd place to 5th in one month after having Dwan take quite a bunch of money off of him recently. Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier and Jeffrey Lisandro dropped from the March rankings completely after failing to make any noise as of late.

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