Amazing Blackjack Player goes Broke in Online Poker

There are plenty of live and online poker players that have a problem with playing blackjack, and they lose lots of money because of this habit.  Unlike Internet poker, blackjack is not a game that can be beat since the house holds an advantage no matter how well a person plays……that is, unless they know how to count cards.

And counting cards is exactly what former blackjack pro Josh Axelrad specialized in as he took casinos for over $700,000 in his short, 5 year career.  Sometimes Axelrad would do so good that he’d earn $18,000 in around 10 minutes of play! 

He started learning his incredible blackjack skills after he met MIT blackjack team member Gary Knowles.  After meeting Knowles Axelrad decided to start reading the Edward Thorpe book “How to Beat the Dealer”, which goes into detail about how to count cards and beat blackjack.  As stated before, Axelrad experienced incredible success in blackjack and made a small fortune playing.  However, airport security started tightening its restrictions on people carrying lots of money through gates and so Axelrad eventually got out of blackjack to avoid the hassle.

He then decided to learn how to play poker online and began playing the game furiously.  Unfortunately for Axelrad, he found out that blackjack card counting skills and poker strategy aren’t exactly the same thing.  And he definitely found out the hard way since he dropped $50,000 while playing Internet poker.  Not even rakeback deals and free poker tournaments could save Axelrad at this rate so he eventually quit playing and started writing about his blackjack experiences.

Josh Axelrad’s blackjack days, as well as his poker failures, are chronicled in his new book “Repeat Until Rich: A Professional Card Counter’s Chronicle of the Blackjack Wars”.  So if you’ve ever been interested in learning about the life of a professional blackjack player, or just how to avoid losing massive amounts of money when you play poker, check his book out.

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