Mike Tyson Reality Show in Trouble for Illegal Gambling

Since blowing through an estimated $350 million in boxing winnings over his lifetime, former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson is always looking for work.  Whether that means being the host of a WWE professional wrestling show, starring in the movie “The Hangover”, or playing at a poker tournament at the Aussie Millions, Tyson is always up for anything.  And while playing at the Aussie Millions didn’t tempt him to become an online poker pro, it did spark an interest in gambling that has carried over to his new reality TV show.

The reality show that Mike Tyson is on is called “Taking on Tyson”, and it deals with him training and racing pigeons.  And if you’re wondering what pigeons and Mike Tyson have in common, he raised pigeons on the top of buildings in New York City.  Ever since those days, Tyson still raises pigeons and races them as well so he’s got a pretty good understanding of what to do.  Plus, he has plenty of help on the Animal Planet show from pigeon experts who guide him along the way.

Unfortunately, not everything is going so well for Tyson and the show since federal authorities are investigating whether or not the crew has been betting behind the scenes on the pigeon races.  Assuming any of this is true the betting would be classified as illegal gambling since the wagers are not sanctioned. 

If it is found that Tyson and the show’s crew has been taking illegal bets, the whole ordeal could have Tyson wishing that he had considered Internet poker and all the great rakeback deals that come with it.  Iron Mike has already had enough trouble with the law in recent years as he’s been arrested for numerous altercations and he certainly doesn’t need anymore trouble coming his way.

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