PPA Massachusetts Victory

Posted on by RTR Susannah

poker, game of skill, The PPA’s amendment to the state’s gaming legislation was approved byThe Massachusetts House of Representatives on Thursday 15 April 2010. In a major victory for the PPA, the amendment removed language criminalizing playing online poker and other gaming over the Internet.

The PPA, which has already thanked the thousands of Bay Staters, as well as State Representative Brian Dempsey, who introduced the amendment striking the criminalization language, and State Representative Brian Wallace, who has offered H 4069, a bill to define poker as a game of skill, via their own newsletter. The support of all parties was instrumental to protecting poker players’ liberty throughout the Commonwealth.

With over 25,000 members in Massachusetts, the PPA has been working with Massachusetts lawmakers since 2008 to preserve Massachusetts’ citizens’ rights to play poker, whether online or in person. So the April 15th’s ruling is a significant step for the PPA and for poker players.

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